Stories by Roger Shaffer

Roger enjoyed writing about his adventures. Here are just a few of his stories.
(There's even an article he wrote about Rolling of Structural Steel.)

Cover of book by Roger Shaffer, "Hanover Junction, PA." The cover shows track workers at the Hanover Junction railroad station.

Hanover Junction, PA: A Glimpse in Time

by Roger E. Shaffer. Edited by Dean R. Shaffer.

Living in the Hanover Junction, PA railroad station gives this author personal insight and a connection with the history and events of the area. An interesting historical summary, as well as recollections of a by-gone railroading era, make life at Hanover Junction come alive. (18 pages)

Hanover Junction, PA: A Glimpse in Time is available from in both an e-book (free) and printed version.

Cover of "That's the way it Was" by Roger Shaffer. The cover image shows Roger and Claudia in their younger days.

That’s The Way it Was: An Autobiography

by Roger E. Shaffer, edited by Dean R. Shaffer

This autobiography by Roger Shaffer profiles life growing up in railroad station in Hanover Junction, PA. It provides a glimpse of his early school days, high school, courtship, and family life in the early and mid 20th century. (100 pages)

That’s the Way it Was: An Autobiography by Roger E. Shaffer is available from in both an e-book (free) and printed version.

Roger Shaffer being interviewed by Sandra L. Prueitt

Interviewed, edited, and prepared by Sandra L. Prueitt, Oral History Specialist, York College of Pennsylvania for the York County Department of Parks and Recreation, Thomas R. Brant, Executive Director, January, 2006. 

Wilferd J. Shaffer looking out window of Hanover Junction Station

Wilferd J. Shaffer - "Shaffe" (pdf file)

by Roger E. Shaffer

This story is about Roger Shaffer’s Dad, Wilferd. It provides a short glimpse into the life of his father from childhood experiences to his life after being Station Agent at Hanover Junction Station. 

The Coal Yard at Hanover Junction served an important role in keeping the steam engines supplied with coal, water, and sand. This story describes some of the people and equipment at the coal yard. 

Roger shares stories of four different trips on the Pennsylvania Railroad.

Steam locomotive and people at Hanover Junction Station

A short description of the history behind the Hanover Branch Railroad (The Old Branch). 

News photo of locomotive on its side at Centerville, PA

Roger recalls a day in April, 1920 when he heard the news about a train derailment in Centerville, PA.

Roger on a railroad motor car.

Roger tells about his history-relating ride on the Northern Central Railroad.

Howard tunnel

Howard Tunnel (pdf file)

One of the oldest railroad tunnels in the United States.

Even after more than 70 years, Roger recalls the sounds he heard growing up in and around the Hanover Junction railroad station.

Roger shares memories of some of the people he knew at Hanover Junction in the early 1920s.

W.S. Henry & Son store

Recollections of the general store in Hanover Junction, PA 1920s.

Other Works by Roger (and Claudia) Shaffer

Model Building to Scale by Roger Shaffer. Cover of book shows some of the models built by Roger.

Model Building to Scale
by Roger Shaffer, Edited by Dean R. Shaffer

Roger Shaffer began building models after his retirement. He chose to create models designed to a scale of 3/16th inch to the foot. His subjects include historical and public buildings in Hanover Junction, PA, Hellertown, PA, and various other communities. This book contains color photographs of his models, along with a short description of each. (44 pages, paperback, full color)

Model Building to Scale is available from in both an e-book (free) version and a printed version.

A Farm Girl's Story cover image of a tree-lined gully.

A Farm Girl's Story
by Claudia (Miller) Shaffer

Claudia tells her story of growing up on a York County farm in the teens and twenties. Enjoy hearing her tales of farm work, house work, school, and play. (14 pages)

A Farm Girl’s Story is available from in both e-book (free) and printed versions.

Rolling of Structural Steel article by Roger Shaffer

Rolling of Structural Steel (pdf file)
by R.E. Shaffer

Roger Shaffer was Superintendent of the Roll Dept., Saucon Div., Bethlehem Steel Co., Bethlehem, PA. This article appeared in Iron and Steel Engineer, January, 1963.