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Hanover Junction Railroad Station

Here are some links you may find useful if you're looking for more information about Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania.

ExplorePAhistory.com – Hanover Junction -- details behind the Hanover Junction historical marker. Learn about Lincoln's trip to Gettysburg.

Northern Central Railway - formerly Steam into History -- offers historic replica steam locomotive trips on the Northern Central Railway, passing through Hanover Junction.

Steam into History digs deep into the American StoryTrains. Posted by Brian Plant 

Friends of Codorus Valley Area Historical Society
Facebook group that includes many articles and pictures about Hanover Junction. 

Pictures of the Civil War from the National Archives
Picture #80. “Station at Hanover Junction, Pa., showing an engine and cars. In November 1863 Lincoln had to change trains at this point to dedicate the Gettysburg Battlefield. 111-B- 83.” 

Their Railroad Photo Page has some photos of the old station house before and after it was restored. 

Hanover Junction Station Comes to Life,
BullSheet.com by Allen Brougham, December 2001 

Target: Hanover Junction – PA Civil War Trails 

Hanover Junction Railroad Station from PhiladelphiaBuildings.org 

Civil War photography: Is it honestly Abraham Lincoln in the Hanover Junction image?
Scott Mingus, York Daily Record. Nov. 18, 2017 | Updated 8:20 a.m. ET Nov. 19, 2018 

Debacle at Hanover Junction – Faces of Civil War: The history of the Civil War is the stories of its soldiers. 

Stuck at Hanover JunctionAndy Hall. Technology. 2013. (Dead Confederates, A Civil War Era Blog) -- An interesting perspective on some of the Civil War era photographs of Hanover Junction.

Steaming into History – Oren B. Helbok. Where Steam Lives. -- A wonderful photo story of a Steam into History trip on the Northern Central.

Steam into History -- a Flickr grouppictures and videos on the route from New Freedom to Hanover Junction, PA. (Group admin: newarkbob)

One more Lincoln at Hanover Junction encounter – June Lloyd. York Daily Record. 2017. A second generation account of Lincoln at Hanover Junction (from a York Gazette and Daily article from 1952).

Hanover Junction, PA from The State of New York and The Civil War Website 

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