Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania

History and Stories of Hanover Junction

Why this Hanover Junction website?

This site is all about the the history and the stories of a little village in Pennsylvania known as Hanover Junction. It’s also about the experiences of a boy growing up in the Hanover Junction railroad station in the early 1900s.

You will find a collection of stories written by Roger Shaffer (that boy who grew up in the Hanover Junction railroad station). In addition, you’ll find pictures of some of the models Roger built.

The site also offers historic photographs and links to additional information about Hanover Junction. If you want to dig into the history of the Hanover Junction railroad station, this is a great place to start.

The Hanover Junction station has been restored and is now a museum, part of the beautiful Heritage Rail Trail County Park.

Roger passed away in 2012 at the age of 98. Rather than have the history of Hanover Junction fade away, this site serves as an archive of stories and images of "the junction." 

I hope you enjoy this little piece of Hanover Junction history and the recollections of a boy who was born in 1913, and experienced nearly a century of adventure.

— Dean Shaffer

Roger enjoyed writing about his experiences and adventures. His unique style of writing may bring a smile to your face.

You'll find a collection of pictures, from Civil War era images to almost present day.

Roger loved building scale models of buildings he was familiar with. This is a sample of just a few of his models.

Additional information including Hanover Junction postmarks and articles about the station's restoration.

Here you'll find links to many more Hanover Junction resources.

Here are a few articles about Roger that you may find interesting.  



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